The Gator Loft: Back to School Lunch Ideas August 13, 2015 11:50

It's that time! Our sweet babies are heading back to school. 

Back to school time is the perfect opportunity to start packing a healthier lunchbox that our little ones will enjoy! Here are a few ideas:


  • Turkey pinwheels with carrot sticks and grapes
  • Bento box with crackers, hummus, apple slices, grape tomatoes and a string cheese
  • Ham and cheese roll ups with fresh fruit and a yogurt
  • Sun-butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat bread with sliced green peppers 
  • Tuna salad (sub avacado for mayo) served with crackers with orange slices 
  • Cubed ham and cubed cheese served with whole grain crackers and a banana
  • Pasta salad with pepperoni, black olives, tomatoes and green peppers served with a fruit pouch and animal crackers




Now lets hear from you! Whats your favorite thing to pack for your munchkin's lunch?