Product Spotlight: Naturepedic Mattress December 29, 2015 15:21

Mommas, let's talk organic vs. non-organic. It's so hard to do all organic, so if you had to choose what baby items should be organic? I always say start with an organic mattress. Your baby/toddler will spend more time on their mattress then not, and have you seen the chemicals found in a normal baby mattress? We carry naturepedic organic mattresses. Not only are they organic, and have no chemicals... But they are made in the USA too.


Here are a few benefits of an organic mattress:

    • Dust-mite repellent (fewer dust mites means less allergy symptoms)
    • Mold-resistant and anti-bacterial
    • Chemical free - not treated with dangerous fire-retardant chemicals. They, aren't made from synthetic polyurethane, which is a well-known allergy trigger, etc.
    • Absorbent, moisture-wicking properties
    • Natural fire-resistant properties
    • Breathable, insulating materials keep you cooler in summer, warmer in winter
    • Can often be customized according to level of firmness
    • Environmentally friendly and made from biodegradable materials

You can even accessorize with organic bedding as well! Come in to The Gator Loft (Parker, CO baby store) to purchase one today or buy online HERE