Giving Back

 The Gator Loft has a huge soft spot.  Our soft spot is for families in need who are going through tremendously difficult situations.  The Gator Loft has committed to choosing one family every 6 months and “adopting” them.  Our adopted family will be known as our “gator family.”  Our commitment is to advocate for this family, provide for them, love them, support them, and encourage them. 

Every 6 months, we will put out a request on our website and in our store asking you for submissions for families that are going through a difficult time.  You will give this submission to us in any form as long as it tells us the family’s story and what their needs are.  The family that you are submitting for must give you permission to submit their story.  We will then carefully go through all submissions and select a family that we feel we could help the most.  This family will become our gator family.

With our gator family’s permission we will tell their story both on our website and in our store and give frequent updates on how they are doing and what their current needs are.  In order to help the family meet their needs, we will need your help!  We will be selling a special piece of “gator jewelry” in which 100% of proceeds will go directly to our gator family.  The jewelry will not only be trendy and beautiful but will also have great meaning.  Not only did you donate to our gator family with your purchase but our hope is that when you proudly wear your gator jewelry people will frequently compliment you on it, giving you an opportunity to further advocate for the gator family. 

 We will also be sending our gator family frequent love and encouragement through letters, cards, and artwork done by you and your kids.  We will have a gator family station set up in the store for you and your little one to make and write something special to our gator family.  Our hope is that our gator family will feel our love for them, feel our community’s support, and make a small difference to make their situation just a little more bearable. 

 Together…we can make a difference, one precious family at a time.