Join Our Team

The Gator Loft is not just “another store.”  Our mission, our vision, and our expectations are much bigger than that.  The Gator Loft isn’t looking for retail specialists; we are looking for people who share our passion, our vision, and our commitment to create an experience for our customers that is warm, inviting, educational, and simple.  Our Gator Loft team is dedicated to perfecting the baby/toddler retail experience for parents and their little ones.  If you are interested in joining The Gator Loft retail team, come by our store and we would love to talk to you!     


The Gator Loft is always looking for new workshops and classes to benefit our customers.  If you are an instructor for a class or workshop that fits into The Gator Loft mission, please contact us and let us know what you can offer.