Our Story


So what is The Gator Loft? Silly question I know! Of course it is a baby store! But friends, sweet friends it is so much more than that. So much more. I hope when you come in you feel that, you see that, and you experience that. Yes, we sell "stuff", baby and mama stuff to be exact. It isn't just "stuff" though I promise! I spend countless hours researching each item in here. I can speak for a good hour on each thing within these 4 precious walls (I'll spare you though...I promise...unless you ask ;)). I only pick the best to sell to you. Why? Because you have precious little souls that you are responsible for. You have that precious little one that is your heart that is crawling, walking and running (eek!) outside of your body exposed to this sometimes scary world. And friends, these little precious souls are your everything. I see it in your eyes when you are in here. I see the love you have for that precious one hanging on your hip, hiding behind your leg. So I've worked and researched, and read, and interviewed people about each item in here. If a product isn't working for you, it isn't working for me. Remember that and always talk to me about what you love, what you don't care for, and what you wish for. This is your store, I made it for you! 

Beyond the "stuff" there is the community I want to build. I want all of you to feel that support we all so desperately seek as mommas, grandmas, dads, aunties, uncles, nannies, or any of us that love a little one so deeply. Each person that teaches here is hand picked by me. The people I put in front of you to help you on your journey is special in some way. Like each product in here, my instructors and staff are full of heart, full of love, and believe in what we are doing here. I'm so excited about that and I've been lucky to have these precious souls working here at The Gator Loft!

Lastly, the name..The Gator Loft? What?!...and Why?! I love this question, and I can't tell you how many people ask if I'm from Florida and a huge Gator Fan! But our name "The Gator Loft" comes from somewhere else. The "Gator" represents how parenting can feel sometimes....no... a LOT of the times! Scary, unpredictable, intimidating. That is a Gator. Scary. Unpredictable. Intimidating. When you see our little Gator on our logo that little bugger represents the uncertain feeling as a parent we have in each of our hearts. The Loft. That is us! That is our job. Loft is a verb for us. We Loft (i.e. throw, kick, toss up high) that scary, intimidating, unpredictable feeling. We recognize it exists, we see it, and we take it and do just that to it....throw it high, out of your way! With a community behind you, with the tools you need, parenting can be joyful, predictable, and full of pure joy! It can my sweet friends! It takes a community though. That is how we were meant to be as human beings...to be in a community! Not alone navigating, not alone scared, uncertain and frustrated. So together, lets Loft that Gator! He can be lofted so high we never have to see him again!

So when you come in I hope you see and feel all of this. I hope you feel comfortable, loved, and welcomed to be in our little Gator community. Because you are! We believe that you are all the experts on your own children. We hold each of you with the HIGHEST regard. We love you right where you are at in this journey. There is absolutely no judgement in here and that is EXTREMELY important to me. You Momma, Grandma, Daddy, Grandpa, you are important to that little one wrapped around your leg and important to us too. Please know that and we hope you feel that.

I can't wait to continue to meet each and every one of you. Thank you for letting us be a part of your precious journey. We couldn't be more honored.

Your Gator Lofter,