Sleeper Hero - Sleep Aid

$ 49.99

Looking for a sleep aid for your little one who is confused when to wake up and when to go back to bed?  This is the perfect simple and cute solution!  The SleeperHero will come to the rescue!  The SleeperHero will give your child the courage to stay in their own bed!  The SleeperHero has a light on its chest that changes from Red (stay in bed) to GREEN (it is okay to hop out of bed)!  Mom or dad set the timer inside the doll in order to fit their child's sleep schedule!  

A double bonus is that the SleeperHero doubles as a night light, snuggle buddy, and a clock!  The SleeperHero is portable and ready to travel to sleepovers at grandma's house or with your child on vacation!

Each SleeperHero comes with a storybook that explains to your child what the RED and GREEN light means and begins the special relationship your child will have with their new SleeperHero!

**SleeperHero was awarded the 2015 and 2016 Product of the Year in the sleep time aids category and the 2015 Preferred Product of the Year in the Doll and Storybook Category) by Creative Child Magazine!   SleeperHero was additionally awarded the Dr. Toy 10 Best Award for Children's Toys!  

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