Tula - Ring Slings

$ 79.00

These stylish Tula Ring Slings are hand made in Europe and are the ultimate carrier for ease and comfort. These carriers are easily adjustable to be used for front (tummy to tummy) and carrying baby on your hip. 8-35 lbs weight limit. Get this classic carrier and snuggle up with your bundle of joy!



Baby Tula Ring Slings are available in two sizes, "S/M" and "L/XL". S/M is around 77" and L/XL is around 87" unwashed (slight variation is intentional as we cut to allow for up to 20% shrinkage with our Tencel blend). For reference, you can use your shirt size to determine what size would be best for you. However, the fit of Baby Tula Ring Slings is very versatile, and both sizes will fit most wearers.

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